Beechnut Baby Food




Our package of new Beechnut Baby food arrived a few days ago! I thought it would never come! There was 10 jars packaged individually in cute little windowed boxes, each with a $1.00 off coupon. which made me feel even more special about getting free baby food to try. The flavors are Just Honey Crisp Apple, Just Pear and Black Cherry, Just Apple and Aronia Berry (which I had to google Aronia Berry and found it’s packed with all good stuff and very common all over the US) and Just Pineapple, Pear and Avocado. Isabella is the type of baby that eats everything I put in front of her which is great for me. But when she doesn’t like something she will make gagging noises and do a little shivery shake with her body. It’s the cutest thing. These flavors are delicious, she was making Mmmm sounds the whole time eating them. I try everything I feed her and I even loved them. The Honey Crisp Apple tasted like light crisp apple sauce. I even saved half for later and when I gave it to her cold right out the fridge I think she liked it even more. The Pear and Black cherry had the same texture as apple sauce also and the flavor was just perfect.  All in all she absolutely loves this Beechnut baby food and I have to say its my favorite too.